Thursday, February 19, 2009

God is good!

Last night we had a great youth service. The teens were very responsive in worship and in the altar. Recently we have seen God so some awesome things in the lives of some of our teenagers in our youth group. I am so thankful that they are allowing God to speak to their hearts and that they are being willing to change and get rid of the things in their lives that hinder them in their relationship with God. It's so encouraging to see how God is moving and working!!! THANK YOU, LORD! God, I pray that their hearts remain open to You and that we will see HUGE things happen!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No more sickness please!

A couple weeks ago Josiah had a fever and was throwing up, then the next week Josh got a fever for 5 days and then last Thursday Ronnie came down with a fever. It's continued to today - 6th day. But, he's getting better and at least his temperature is normal at this point with medication. He went to work today b/c he has so much to do and he's tired of being home sick. It's passed through everyone in my family except for me, so let's hope and pray I don't get it!!!!

Today, I'm cleaning like I stopped to take a break! I just finished vaccumming out the car and wiping it down on the inside and washing the kitchen floor. I've been doing laundry like crazy with Ronnie being sick and washing bed sheets like crazy! So, now it's time to clean the bathrooms!!! And the boys are whining for a snack....

And this weather we're having is absolutely amazing!!! It got up to 68 yesterday and it's supposed to be just as warm today!!!! I love it, but I know it'll go back down. At least the worst is over!!!! Come quickly spring!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tips on saving money

I don't normally watch much Oprah, but I saw one episode this week that gave some pointers on how to save money and they had the thriftest family in America on there giving pointers with some others. I was acutally surprised at the number of things that were mentioned that I already do, so that made me feel really good. But, I did learn something new. And we'll see how well it really works, but I guess you can save a lot of money by unplugging all your appliances or whatever you have plugged in all the time and only plug it in when you're using it. So, I unplugged lamps, my keyboard/amp, humidifier, etc. and we'll see if it really works?? Has anyone else ever tried this???

Also if you google your home town and type in restaurants, free stuff you can find restaurants where kids eat free on certain days of the week. Now, going out to eat isn't something we do very often, but if you're dying to or need to, then you'll know where to go!

Now, the coupon lady said you need to buy 2-3 copies of the Sunday newspaper for the coupons to really work effectively. So, I'll have to see about that. But, I reguarly cut coupons out every Sunday and use them for my groceries. It doesn't save a ton, but every bit helps, right? But, if you only buy what's on sale and never pay regular price for anything, that helps too! So, it's worth it to check out the ads to see what's on sale and plan accordingly for that week on what you're going to eat according to what's on sale at the store. And also printing coupons offline helps too!

Monday, February 2, 2009

My lil Joshua

At 1 AM last Thursday Joshua woke up with a lasted the entire weekend. I took him in today to the dr. and he was checked for pneumonia and strep and didn't have either!! Thank you Jesus! This fever is just holding on longer than normal. Today, it's been lower so I'm hoping that means it's almost over. If he has it still by Wed. or Thurs. I have to take him in again. I had just taken both boys in for their annual check up's on Friday. Josiah is only 5 lbs heavier than Josh and 3 inches taller. (they're 23 months apart) So, obviously Josh has the Hinson genes of being tall!!! Hope he doens't pass up Josiah! How do you explain that to a kid?