Monday, October 25, 2010


raking up leaves!

Getting blown by the leaf blower!!!

guitar player/leaf raker!


This is Josh trying to get all the leaves out of his shirt!!! HA! HA!
It was a great day!!!!

Hearing God's voice

So, in our night time devotions with the boys we were talking about how to hear God's voice - yeah kind of hard for a child, but I don't think it's ever too early to start teaching them how to hear the voice of God. So, I explained how in your prayer time if you're quiet and you listen God can speak to you in your heart. So, after Josiah prayed he sat quietly listening for God to speak something to him. After a minute or so he opens his eyes and says, " I didn't hear anything." I said, "That's ok. It takes time to learn how to listen for His voice. So, Josh prays and he waits and listens and he says, "I couldn't hear God talking. He wasn't talking loud enough!" It was cute! Then Josiah pops up and says, "I heard God say something! He said I need to be a good boy and listen to my mom and dad." I thought, Well that's a great thing for him to hear God say and then he says, "I just made that up!" ha ha! Kids are so funny! I love teaching them about the things of God and God's word. The questions they have and the things they say are priceless!!