Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Josiah's First Day of Kindergarten

Josiah couldn't wait to get to school this morning!!! He's been counting down the days till his first full day of Kindergarten. The day didn't start too good with Joshua coming in our room at 6:30 with a temperature of 101.2 saying his head, tummy and neck hurt. So, he got some tylenol and wanted to go downstairs and watch cartoons. Josiah woke up and was so excited!! Of course he wanted pancakes for breakfast, so we all ate pancakes except for Josh.

Ronnie had to go to work so I took Josiah to school, along with Josh in tow, and we took Josiah to his class. He has to check in his mailbox to see if he has any letters - the teacher writes letters to the students and then they write her back. She had given him a letter yesterday, so he is in the process of writing her back a letter to bring tomorrow. Then, he puts his backpack in his cubby and lunchbox in the big pail and signs in. He was so cute finding his seat and sitting down next to his classmates. He didn't even care where I was. He's so independent. So, I could tell it was time to say good-bye and so I knelt down to hug and kiss him and I started to get emotional. At that point Josh started whining and crying and he cried all the way out of the school, "I want my bubby!" So, I told Josh we could watch a movie together when we got home and we laid on the couch together and watched "Toy Story." His fever seems to be gone and he's acting much better now! This year will be a bonding time for Josh and I.

Josiah is riding the bus home today and he's thrilled about that. He already told me on the way to school that tomorrow he wanted to ride the bus to school. He has to wear a bus tag around his neck for the first week or so to make sure he gets to the right class and on the right bus. This will be a huge day for him - can't wait to see him when he gets home!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not already???

Today Josiah asked me...."Mommy, was Josh and I in your tummy?" "Yes, you both were." "Well, how did we get in there?" I refuse to answer any question like that at this time! It's starting already!!!!! Help me Lord!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

NO MORE Training Wheels!

Josiah has accomplished riding his big boy bike without his training and he is SO proud!!! First he started out on his old bike, which is now Josh's bike since it wasn't as far from the ground and his feet could touch down on the way, but now he's doing great on his big bike! I really thought it would take a lot longer for him to learn, but he really surprised me!! GO JOSIAH! (I know, I'm a proud mommy!)