Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, my first turkey turned out great! It was a 19.5 pounder so we defintely had plenty left over! Now, I'm glad I finally made my own Thanksgiving meal all by myself - thanks to some instructions from my mom! It was lonely not having all our family with us but in a few weeks we'll see everyone for Christmas! So, today we got our tree up and started on the outside decorations. It's the first time I didn't freeze putting decorations up outside. It is a weird feeling having 70-80 degree temperatures during November and December. In some ways I like it, but I also miss seeing the snow and it actually feeling like Christmas time.


Kelly Weinberg said...

Congrats on making your first turkey!! I'm sure it was delicious! It must have been weird putting up Christmas decorations in 70-80 degree temperatures, but like you said it must have been nice not to freeze while doing it!

Are you all going to Indiana for Christmas or are your families coming to Florida?

Bethany Patrice said...

I'm glad you're first turkey turned out great. Did the boys enjoy putting up the decorations? Last year, how did you get Josh not to touch the tree?