Monday, November 12, 2007

Date Night

I had a wonderful evening with my hubby last night. First, we went to the beach, got there about 5:30 right before sunset and walked for a while. We saw a half eaten tiny shark washed up on the shore - kind of scary! I had never seen one before! Anyway, we walked for a while and then sat in the sand and watched the sunset. It was beautiful, then as we watched the last little dot of sun go away, we stood up and watched it go away again! I know we're dorky! Then, as it was getting dark, we left and went to Applebees and split a Sampler...yummy yummy!! On our way home we rented "Evan Almighty" and watched that after we put our boys to bed. Good movie!! Date nights are never often enough!


Bethany Patrice said...

I am glad you got to go on date. Who watched the boys? How romantic...the beach. Erik and I haven't been to the beach together in years...I always feel guilty going out and leaving the boys with someone else. I think, "if they tire me out, what are they going to do for a sitter?" Anyways, glad you got some quality time with Ronnie.

Angel said...

One of our youth leaders watched the boys. She had volunteered to watch them on a Sunday night sometime, so that was nice. Her daughter babysits for us some too and the boys know them pretty well. Don't feel guilty about leaving the boys, I know I get that way too, but you need that time!!

Kelly Weinberg said...

Your date with Ronnie sounds so romantic! How did you like the movie "Evan Almighty"? I thought it was so cute! I also love the sampler at Applebees! I need to go there again soon it's been awhile since we have eaten at Applebees.