Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vocal Issues

So, a few months ago I went to an ENT to discuss some vocal problems I had been having for a few months. Thinking I've damaged my voice from leading worship for 12 years is a scary thing!!! He treated me with different meds for allergies like a steroid called methylpredisone and a strong nasal spray. Well, after spending $500 trying to figure out why my vocal range has decreased and why I'm having vocal fatique so frequently I researched online for some help. I found a speech and hearing clinic at IU where there is a lady who does vocal therapy and they do throat scopes. I emailed her and set up an appt. and had an hour and a half evaluation. The throat scope is awesome! It's not awesome to have a long thing stuck down your throat that makes you want to gag, but it took video of my vocal folds while I was doing vocal exercises. Turns out both sides are inflammed, the right side being worse and there is a small red blister like thing on that side which is causing that fold to be stiff. So, when the folds go to close, they aren't closing all the way and there is a gap at the bottom. Therefore, that explains why I have to power or volume in my headvoice right now. What I thought was "allergy related" has turned out to be something more. So, after this very thourough evaluation she set me up with an appt. with the ENT she normally works with - since I told her not to use the one I went to in the first place b/c first off I couldn't hardly understand him b/c he's a different nationality and second off he wasn't on the right path. So, TOMORROW, April 1st, I go to get my diagnosis based on my information from the evaluation and my video of the vocal folds. Not sure what will come of this, so I'm a little nervous. Bad thing is that if I have to not talk for an extended period of time - I'll go insane!!! And Ronnie leaves for 3-4 days for FL on Sat. to go on a fishing trip! So, we'll see what happens!!!

12 Year Anniversary

I made this slideshow of Ronnie and I from when we started dating till now for our 12 Year Anniversary